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Vehicle Reviews

2021 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 Review
This week we take a look at the 2021 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400, a very fast and luxurious sports sedan from Nissan’s luxury division. As the name suggests, the Red Sport 400 has 400-horses p... More ›
2021 Acura TLX A-Spec SH-AWD Review
This week I bring you the all-new 2021 Acura TLX - and by all-new Acura really does all-new. It’s on a new platform, one exclusively Acura’s, not shared with Honda, and it has a new update... More ›
2020 Honda Civic Type R Touring Review
Please don’t send an ill wind my way – or even a blustery gust or two. They might catch the laughably giant rear wing on my Honda Civic Type R, sending the wildly exaggerated car and me... More ›
2020 Lexus GS F Review
Silence clings to most Lexus sedans like pearly morning dew. It adds to their considerable shine and appeal as the solid, stolid Rotarians of the luxury-car segment – and the leader in high-e... More ›
2021 Acura TLX Advance SH-AWD Review
The Joker never smiled on me. For years, Acura’s alphabet-soup sedans – the TSX, the TLX and several other forgettable models – wore awkward, thick grilles resembling the Joker&rs... More ›
2021 Lexus IS 350 F Sport AWD Review
It’s not often you get behind the wheel of a vehicle that really does change things. And I believe I just spent the week in a vehicle that does just that. I’m talking about the redesigned ... More ›
2021 Toyota Corolla XSE Review
This week I bring you the 2021 Corolla XSE - the top-of-the-line model and sportiest Corolla in the lineup. It’s the second year for the 12th-generation Corolla. To be around that long you have ... More ›
2020 Cadillac CT4-V Review
This week I’ve got a real head-turner for you, the all-new 2020 Cadillac CT4-V. This is the performance version of the CT4, and the predecessor to last year’s CTS-V Sport. I love the lo... More ›
2021 Toyota Corolla SE Nightshade Edition Review
Toyota Corollas, like toasters, live in appliance anonymity – mostly invisible until needed. Put the humble Corolla in a line of vehicles in traffic and it has no more distinction than a comm... More ›
2020 Honda Civic Type R Touring Review
Ok let’s start with the obvious. On paper, I’m probably not the demographic you think of when you see the Honda Type R hot hatch. (Or so I gather from all the looks I got this week.) But t... More ›
2020 Toyota Camry TRD Review
Well guys, what a surprise for me this week! When the 2020 Toyota Camry TRD arrived in my driveway -- I knew right away it was something special. With its sporty looks in Supersonic Red and two-tone m... More ›
2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Review
Some brightly wrapped packages deliver way more than three pairs of brown socks or an electric toothbrush. I know all about these things. Too many long-ago Christmases and birthdays conditioned ... More ›
2020 BMW M235i Gran Coupe Review
The last time I got really lost in glitzy, gritty Dallas – and I’m a native – I ended up in downtown Fort Worth. An accidental stranger in a strange new land, I suppose, still on ... More ›
2020 Mercedes-AMG GT 53 Review
German cars swoop where others stumble, snarl when vehicles around them tend to sputter. They inhale concrete as if it were an hors d’oeuvres, wearing their over-sized sense of superiority li... More ›
2020 Cadillac CT5-V Review
This week I’ve got a real head-turner for you, the all-new 2020 Cadillac CT5-V. This is the performance version of the CT5, and the predecessor to last year’s CTS-V Sport. Exterior I... More ›
2020 BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe Review
This week we are taking a look at a new entry from BMW, the 2020 M235i Gran Coupe. Yes, it has four doors, but the Germans tend to call anything with a sloping roof a coupe. I don’t get it, but ... More ›
2020 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4T SEL Premium Review
Wow, has the Jetta come a long way since it debuted in 1979. Its success over the years is cemented by the numbers -- VW says it’s sold 17.5 million Jetta’s worldwide and 3.2 million of th... More ›
2020 Mazda6 Signature Review
A week with a Mazda is always a great week. They’re stylish, fun to drive and their near-luxury interior sets a bar for their class. All of that is certainly true for Mazda’s flagship seda... More ›
2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA35 Review
This week, I’ve got a real head-turner for you, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA35 Sedan. I would call this an entry-level performance car since it is very fast and the smallest Mercedes-Benz offe... More ›
2020 Toyota Avalon TRD Review
Don’t tell Toyota, but someone in its Avalon division – the folks famous for Japanese Buicks – has the hots for a low, murdered-out Dodge Charger. How else can you explain the 202... More ›
2020 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack Widebody Review
This week we’re taking another look at the 2020 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack Widebody. The Charger comes in many different configurations, and other than the Hellcat, this is probably my favorite... More ›
2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0T Autobahn Review
This week I’m behind the wheel of the 2020 VW Golf GTI - a hot hatch with a cult following that’s both well-earned and well-deserved. My recent stint behind the Golf GTI 2.0T Autobahn only... More ›
2020 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T Is The Right Mix of Style, Performance and Comfort
Great American sedans bigger than some mini warehouses once floated down smooth interstates, gulping a gallon of high-test every few miles. With their loping, road-eating V-8s and trunks large enou... More ›
Behind the Wheel of the 2020 Passat SEL 2.0T
Oh Volkswagen Passat, you know what they say about relationships. They’re complicated. You see, once upon a time I used to lease a Passat. It was roomy and offered a nice, comfortable ride even ... More ›
The 2020 Mazda3 Premium Sedan Is Tops In Its Class
Loud, crude music – the stuff I used to crank up daily – rarely tumbles and crashes from the genteel interior of the 2020 Mazda3. So much for my Frank Zappa and Moby Grape CDs, I guess.... More ›
2020 Toyota Yaris XLE Review
Life in the slow lane keeps my little Toyota Yaris and I well grounded – mostly in yesterday, but hey, we can see today right there on the horizon and we’re gaining on it, slowly. At least... More ›
2020 Hyundai Sonata Limited Is a Worthy Mid-Size Sedan Packed with Cool Technology
Don’t tell Hyundai sedans don’t matter. Even as Americans increasingly move from sedans to SUVs, Hyundai, like Toyota and Honda, is taking it as a challenge to make its best sedans yet. Th... More ›
2020 Nissan Altima SL Review
Mid-size sedans may be the Maroon 5 of the auto industry these days – yesteryear’s hot pop, now a bit out of tune with the times. After all, four-door cars with trunks just don’t ... More ›
2020 Honda Civic Si HPT Sedan Review
You know it’s going to be a great week when a vehicle with a manual gear shift shows up in your driveway. That certainly held true in the case of the 2020 Honda Civic Si Sedan in Rallye Red that... More ›
2020 Lexus LS 500h AWD Executive Review
Where is a chauffeur when you need one? Because I surely needed one recently along with the 2020 Lexus LS 500h that arrived in my driveway for a week. One look at the back seat will tell you why. It p... More ›
2020 Lexus ES 300h Ultra Luxury Review
It’s as elegant as midsize luxury sedans come with a host of attributes and an impressive attention to detail that have made it one of Lexus’ top performers. I’m of course talking ab... More ›
2019 Hyundai Elantra Limited Review
Small cars get about as much respect these days as the dreary torrent of misspelled tweets from zillionaire athletes and blustery politicians. I mean, who cares? Cars, of course, get shoved aside b... More ›
2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody Review
This week I am back behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger Hellcat, a car I’ve had several times, but there is a new wrinkle for 2020…you can now get the Charger in the Widebody configuratio... More ›
2019 Kia Stinger GT2 Review
Delete all those old images of Kias as cheapo tin and plastic penalty-boxes. Just ask Honda and Toyota. All sorts of creative, even gutsy new vehicles stream quietly out of South Korea these day... More ›
2020 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Edition 30 Review
This week I have been behind the wheel of a pre-production 2020 Infiniti Q50, a sporty sedan from the luxury division of Nissan. For 2020, Infiniti has upgraded the infotainment and climate controls, ... More ›
2020 Jaguar XE R-Dynamic Review
This week we’re taking a look at the all-new 2020 Jaguar XE R-Dynamic, a midsized luxury sedan that competes with cars like the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes C-Class. Powertrain There is o... More ›
2020 Nissan Versa SR Review
Subcompact gray sedans with engines small enough to fit in a laundry basket don’t generate great expectations. Great mileage, maybe, but chills and thrills or smiles per gallon, not really. ... More ›
2019 Audi A7 Sportback Review
This week we take a look at a beautiful large luxury sedan. Actually, it is a hatchback, believe it or not. This is the 2019 Audi A7, which Audi officially calls a Sportback. Exterior All week, ... More ›
2020 Volvo S60 T6 Inscription AWD Review
Hidden gems in the car world are fairly rare, but this is one of them. It’s the 2020 Volvo S60 T6 Inscription AWD -- a stylish sports sedan that flies under the radar simply for its lack of Germ... More ›
2019 Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Review
Four beefy exhaust pipes beneath the bumper of the big black Mercedes-Benz appeared ready to spit high-dollar German fire and fury. Get the kids, small dogs and senior citizens -- except me -- insi... More ›
2020 Jaguar XE P300 Review
Regal Jaguars once trumpeted their arrival with rich baritone exhausts, sporting curves shaped by craftsmen in leather aprons. They oozed elegance and old-school, filled to their roof-lines with le... More ›
2020 BMW M340i Review
This week we are looking at the all-new 2020 BMW M340i sedan. Not to be confused with the ultra-fast M3, which is not out yet, the M340i slots between the 330i and the M3, and it is sort of the best o... More ›
2019 Volkswagen Arteon SEL R-Line Review
This week we take a look at the new Volkswagen flagship sedan, the Arteon. This vehicle is the SEL model, which is next to the top-of-the-line model, and it is the sporty R-Line. Exterior The Ar... More ›
2019 Kia Stinger GT2 Review
Forget taking a rocket to mars. Let’s talk about what’s happening right here on earth. And that’s the 2019 Kia Stinger GT2. A 365-horsepower sports sedan that accelerates so thrillin... More ›
2020 Subaru Legacy Premium Review
Some of us really don’t want big black steroidal SUVs that look as if they’re lugging a pack of renegade FBI agents. Believe it or not, we just want sensible transportation, something k... More ›
2019 Mercedes AMG E63 S Review
This week, we take a look at the beautiful and incredibly fast 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG E63 S Sedan, the most powerful sedan in the Mercedes lineup. If you are not aware, AMG is the performance divis... More ›
2019 Nissan Maxima Platinum Review
Cars and compacts slumber in the back rows of dealerships these days, gathering dust and markdowns. As you know, they live in the long shadows of hot-selling trucks, SUVs and crossovers, the auto i... More ›
All-New 2020 Nissan Versa SR Review
As a car reviewer, occasionally I get behind the wheel of a car for the first time and think, “this is a game changer.” Sadly, it doesn’t happen as often as I wish it did, but this w... More ›
2019 Cadillac CTS-V Review
This Caddy doesn’t cruise, won’t let you snooze and never, ever wears fender skirts. It prefers chewing up Porsche Panameras. Seriously. After all, the sullen 2019 Cadillac CTS-V I h... More ›
2019 BMW 330i Review
This week I am taking a look at the all-new 2019 BMW 330i sedan, the 7th generation of this very popular German luxury sports sedan. This new version is larger than the previous iteration. BMW adde... More ›