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As America starts to reopen for business, there are some things I think you should know if you are going to need, or if you want, a new vehicle anytime this year. I know many won’t think this is a good time, but it may actually be the opportunity of a lifetime.

When April came along, the assumption was that the car business would die, much like after 9/11/01. The automakers knew they had to throw incredible offers out there or the dealers had no chance of selling anything, which would shut down dealers ordering vehicles.

To everyone’s surprise, huge rebates, 0% for 84 months, very lenient finance approvals, heavily reduced lease payments, and deferred payments for up to six months did the trick. Oh sure, April 2020 will be down from April 2019, but not nearly as much as first thought.

So last Saturday, Homeland Security deemed car sales as essential businesses. Some States are making their own rules, but for the huge majority of the dealers on the CarProUSA radio show, they are open for business, while following the CDC guidelines for sanitizing the dealerships, and practicing social distancing.

Automakers committed to the April incentives through the 30th of this month, but my guess is they can’t wait to lower them on May 1st. That is what makes this last week of April a rare opportunity: a perfect storm if you will. Savvy bargain hunters will recognize this as an unusual time to snag amazing incentives and big dealer discounts before they are gone.

Will the deals and incentives be great in May? For sure. Will they be as good as they are through April 30th? HIGHLY DOUBTFUL. Logic tells me there is pent-up demand, dealership traffic will skyrocket, and the need for the current unprecedented factory incentives will wane.

Use the dealers at our website, you can do it all online if you wish, or now you can go see most of them in person.

For those who can make a move before April 30th, you can expect to truly get the deal of a lifetime.



Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network

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