10 Best Cars for Dog Lovers

Gracie Reynolds
Gracie Reynolds, daughter of the Car Pro Jerry Reynolds. Photo Credit: Jerry Reynolds
If youíre dog lovers like we are at the Car Pro, youíll like this news. Pet adoptions are up during COVID-19, as people look for companionship at home, and have the time to integrate a new four-legged friend into the family. This also means some people may be in the market for a new pet-friendly vehicle.

In that spirit, we bring you a list of the Best Cars for Dog Lovers as named by Autotrader, in honor of National Dog Day, today, August 26th. The editors picked vehicles that ensure pet parents are riding in vehicles that have the comfort, convenience and safety features that every family needs.

"Trips around town or to local destinations have become an important part of our lives these last few months and for many people, that means bringing along their pets as they hit the road," said Brian Moody, executive editor at Autotrader. "To help new car buyers that are traveling with four-legged friends, we've carefully curated a list of the best cars that offer great comfort and safety features while also making the lives of pet parents just a little easier."

Vehicles on Autotrader's list of the 10 Best Cars for Dog Lovers of 2020 include,
These vehicles have pet-friendly features that include large rear doors, low cargo floors and even "dog mode."

Autotrader has also come with limited-edition dog vests that make dog hair clean up quick and easy and help keep your car looking its best. You can enter to win one on Autotraderís dog-centric website Dogtrader.com, from August 24 through September 14. The site also allows prospective pet parents to search for local pup in their area.

Through a donation to Adopt-a-Pet.com, Autotrader is also driving home its mission is to help get homeless dogs out of shelters and into loving homes.
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